Self Portraits (Part 1)

There was a time, in my youth, that I really enjoyed taking self portraits. I loved taking them, editing them to make them look perfect and then showing them off to people. I was proud of myself I suppose, maybe some people would even have said vain back then. I wasn’t proud of the way I looked, but I was proud of my photography. I was proud of my editing skills. In the early days, I just had myself to photograph. And honestly, I didn’t think I was attractive at all - but I’d take the pictures, edit them & people would compliment me on how pretty I was and I would say “let me take your picture, I can make you feel pretty too”….and so it began.

I have lost the passion for loving myself, taking care of myself like I did my clients and friends (and family). I don’t take the time to take self portraits anymore, I don’t take the time for myself at all. I barely do any self reflecting these days either. So I don’t feel like I am even growing as a human and haven’t felt that way in several years.

A few days ago, I decided that I would take the time to re-teach myself the art of self portraits and learn a softer more natural way to edit them-as to not decrease the signs of my aging process - but highlight the beauty in it. Which is always a complaint of woman I photograph of any age (young and older) who have lines on their faces. “Can you please remove this?” and of course I smile and say, “you’re beautiful”…but they don’t feel it for one reason or another because to them it’s a deep ravine-and trust me I get it.

So I think in the next couple months, along side with my sisters project I am going to embark on a self discovery adventure of self portraits. I hope to share some of my favorites once I have a nice collection.


These are old self portraits taken with my youngest daughter, as part of a series I did about her and I. The quality isn’t great as they were taken with my old iPhone 5